Published: 07/30/2014

by Jack


I recently read an article, written by a successful online marketer, about patience. 

She stated that one of the greatest needs for internet marketers is Patience.

One soecific idea she noted, was something called a Perpetual Failure.

She says "Many online marketers join a program, stay less than 90 days, and then join another one, and do the same thing over and over. They create their own Perpetual Failure Machine."

Here are the symptoms of having Perpetual Failure:
1. Suspect most sites are scams 
2. Pretty mad because you are not making money fast enough
3. Spending most of your time looking for new programs to enter.
4. Totally frustrated and have been known to kick dogs and cats.
5. Your mate is disgusted with you for spending too much money and getting little in return.
6. Believe that there is a site that will make you a million dollars with little effort.

Believe me I see this over and over. We have some members that have canceled and reinstated up to 4 times in 2 years. I keep their account open so it save us both a lot of time.

She aslo said something that I truly believe: 
"Give any specific programme at least one year, and never ever quit."

I must say that the successful marketers are the ones that have stuck with it. Some do very very well.

I firmly believe that the Lack of Patience is the main reason for the high failure rates we see every day. I even see members quit in less than 30 days.

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